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2015 Season report


2015 was certainly a season of change for the 1st XI at Failand - plenty of new faces, and some great results mixed in with some slightly disappointing ones.  However half way through the season, despite numerous team changes each week, we found ourselves second in the table and dreaming of promotion.  Unfortuantely we were unable to sustain this good run until the end, and a 5th placed finish was more than respectable, finishing just one win off promotion in a pack of 6 evenly matched teams.


All in all it was a hugely successful year on the field utilising the full club squad very successfully, although inconsistent availability still cost us a few matches as some struggled for form.  There were more than a handful of last over finishes, which meant we competed well with other teams, and generally it was felt the teams in the division were very evenly matched.  The Matts (Hildrew and Hunt) dominated the batting all year, while the reliable Sam Buckley stormed the bowling to finish highest wicket taker ahead of a good pack of supporting bowlers.


With a huge recruitment campaign ahead, we can only hope to increase the squad size next season and create a real challenge for places which should increase the performances.  With a large league restructure happening over the winter, the strength of next year's opposition is unknown so we must be at our strongest to have another promotion push in 2016.

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